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Friday, February 25, 2011

Trucks and Tractors, Kindergarten

Every year, around this time, the Kindergarten teachers do a Wheel theme with the students. Once I hear that the Kinders are doing this theme again, I break out this Truck and Tractor lesson. It's a success every time. After all, Kindergartners LOVE trucks, so of course my students really get into this lesson.
Quite a while ago, I saw this lesson on Deep Space Sparkle, and I have used this lesson many times. Basically, I begin this lesson by teaching students how to break up a truck into shapes. For example: A circle can be a wheel, or a rectangle can be the body of the truck. I have the students draw everything with a thick black marker. After this, I give the students oil pastels to color their truck. I usually encourage the students to color the entire page, leaving no white space.
I think these turned out quite Amazing!

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  1. there's something really magical about the "wonky" way little kids put geometric shapes together.