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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Folk Art Neighborhoods, 1st Grade

This art project was inspired after the artwork of Karla Gerard. She is an artist who sells most of her art on eBay. I just love her folk art style, and thought it was great inspiration for an art project.
I began this project by giving every child a black crayon. Erasing was not an option for this project. Students drew a ground, trees, and houses. I encouraged students to draw patterns on the ground. After the drawing was done, I gave my students oil pastels. These were used to color the small things in the picture. I told the students they had to color the tree trunks, houses, and all other small objects with the pastels. The rest of the picture was then painted with liquid watercolors.
I must say that these turned out wonderful. My students just keep surprising me with their talent.


  1. Those turned out wonderful! Great for framing!

  2. These paintings are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    Kate Eshelman
    k-6 art
    Big Rapids, MI