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Friday, February 4, 2011

Dinosaur Super Heroes, 2nd Grade

This was a fun project I did with my second graders this week. In science class, the second graders have been learning about dinosaurs, and in reading they have been reading stories about super heroes. So, I thought I would combine the two, and do Dinosaur Super Heroes in our art class. We drew dinosaurs and gave them super powers. I love how creative my students are. Each dinosaur had a super power. Some could fly, some could become invisible, some could shoot water from their mouths. The ideas my students came up with were endless. To begin this project, I had my students draw everything in pencil. Once they had their drawing they way they liked, they outlined everything with a black crayon. (I am big on having my students outline everything before coloring). After this, they colored everything with oil pastels. Lastly, the sky was painted with watercolors. My students just LOVED this project! I mean 2nd graders love dinosaurs, and they love super heroes, so this project was a huge hit.

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