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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Symmetrical Masks, 3rd Grade

I have done this lesson many times before. However, most of the time I do this with my 5th graders, but when the third grade teacher asked me to do a project on symmetry, I thought this would be the perfect lesson. Unfortunately, I don't have many photos of this project, just the two you see here. In the middle of taking pictures, I was distracted, and never had the chance to get back to it. Oh well, at least I had two examples to post.
I decided to tie this lesson into Venetian Carnival masks. Before beginning the project, I showed the children many examples of these. We then discussed the idea of symmetry, which most students had a grasp on, since they were learning this in math. These masks are entirely made of paper and glue. Since this lesson was about symmetry, the rule was that everything except the hair had to be symmetrical. I did encourage my students to think about overlapping different colors of paper to make their masks more interesting. Overall, I think these turned out very nice. I just wish I had gotten more pictures.

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  1. I would have liked to see more pictures too. But I know what it is to get destracted when you're taking pictures.
    Lovely results!