Welcome to Lines, Dots, and Doodles. This is the place for students, parents, and teachers to find out what has been going on in my art class. I have included pictures of my student's artwork and basic explanations of the projects. I hope when you leave this blog, you feel inspired to create. Feel free to browse this blog and borrow any of my art lessons.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Animal Silhouettes, 5th Grade

This was a wonderful lesson to help students understand the concept of mixing tints.  Students began painting the background by mixing one color with white. The idea was to get subtle changes in the color by adding more or less white.
 After the background was created, students chose an animal to paint on top.  I allowed students to choose any animal they wished.
I found the idea for this lesson on TeachAndShoot.com.  Overall, I think the results were great!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Masks, 5th Grade

I have done this lesson many times, and students always love it.  I begin by showing students examples of Native American masks.  Students then create a animal, monster, or alien mask to represent their alter ego.  This year my students had to write an artist statements to explain their work.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Portraits, 5th Grade

These portraits were created by my fifth graders.  The focus of this lesson was on using the correct proportions of the human face.

Overall, I think these turned out great.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Family Portraits, 2nd Grade

 This lesson was focused on families.  Students drew their families, their home, and some drew their neighborhoods.  I asked students to focus on overlapping.  This overlapping brought depth to their drawing.  I found the idea for this lesson on the blog Apex Art.
 I think these turned out wonderful.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Two Sides, 4th Grade

 I have been trying to teach differently this year.  Instead of focusing solely on skill based art lessons, I am now attempting to take a more meaningful approach to teaching art.  This year my lessons will be focusing on the theme, My Place in This World.  The idea is to have students create art that relate directly to their life, their experiences, their feelings, and their world.
My fourth graders spent about a month working on these paintings. In this lesson, students created a self portrait that shows both who they are on the outside, and how they feel on the inside.  In order to understand the meaning behind their art, I am having all 2nd through 5th graders write artist statements about their work.

I really like these, and my students are very proud of their creations.  I am still learning to loosen up my teaching style, and allow for more creativity, but I think this was a good start to this years theme.

Monday, August 24, 2015

School Starts Tomorrow

 School starts tomorrow, and my art room is ready.  This will be a busy school year because I will be teaching art full time as well as working on my thesis for my master's degree.  I will try to keep this blog updated as much as possible through this crazy busy school year.

In my school, I teach 6 classes a day for 35 minutes each.  I see a total of 30 different classes each week.  Keeping track of all my students is probably the biggest challenge of my job. Organization is the key to survival in my classroom.

 I did about four bulletin boards in our hallway this school year, and here is a picture of two of them.
In order to maintain order in my classroom, I utilize a voice level chart, and students earn "Art Dollars" for good behavior.  Four times a year students get to spend their art money on prizes.