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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Native American Wall Art, 3rd Grade

For this project, we looked at the art of the Anasazi Indians. The Anasazi Indians were an ancient Pueblo tribe out west. They often painted scenes of animals and people on the rock walls. I began this lesson by showing students many examples of these paintings.
To begin our project, I gave each child a handout with lots of Native American symbols on it. The students used this as reference. I told them that "they were NOT allowed to draw hearts, flowers, or smiley faces." Everything needed to look Native American. They first drew everything on a plain white piece of paper. Then, everything was colored with oil pastels.
To make our painting look old like a rock wall, we tore the edges of our paper to make it jagged. Then we used brown liquid water colors, which I watered down quite a bit. This made our paper look more like to color of rock.

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