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Monday, December 13, 2010

Dinosaurs, 2nd Grade

This was a fun lesson that I found on The Artist Woman. This lesson was perfect because the second graders are currently studying dinos in science class. It's great when I find awesome lessons that just happen to tie into the curriculum. To begin this project, I had the students use liquid watercolors to paint the sunset on a white piece of paper. After this, I gave each child some black paper. Students drew dinosaurs, and cut them out. When they are done with the dinos, then they cut out a long piece for the ground. (FYI: The biggest issue I had was getting the students to draw big enough. A few of them drew so small that they couldn't cut it out. You may want to emphasize that they should draw big.)This lesson was incredibly easy, but they turned out AWESOME! Plus, all kids love dinosaurs, so they were totally into this project.

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