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Friday, September 10, 2010

Self Portraits, Pre-K

Today I did this cute portrait project with my little Pre-K students. This project was a self portrait project. I really wanted my students to not just make a person, but to make a person that actually looked like them. We began by talking about our skin color. I gave my students pre-cut paper heads, and asked students to choose the color that looked most like their own skin color. We did this by holding the paper directly to our skin and choosing the closest one.

We then talked about where our necks go. We discussed how necks hold up our heads, and belong directly under the head. After this, we glued the necks to our paper. Next, we discussed our eyes. We looked in a mirror and saw that our eyes are directly across from each other. Then we glued our eyes to our papers. Inside the eyes, we used a black crayon to draw an eyeball. After the eyes, we drew our noses and our mouths using crayons. The last part of this project was to add our hair. I had several colors of yarn, and asked the students to choose the color that looked most like their own hair color. We glued the yarn using Elmers glue, which we applied with a Q-tip.
I love teaching the Pre-K students. They are always incredibly enthusiastic, and have no fear when it comes to their art. Each one is different and unique.

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