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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Giant Came to Town, 2nd Grade

I found this fun lesson on The Incredible Art Department. This was a great way to teach some basic perspective concepts. We discussed how overlapping in a drawing can make one object look closer than another. Also, we talked about scale. For instance, We know that the giant is large because he is taller than the buildings. I began this lesson by having students draw a horizon line. Then I showed the students how to draw a road that goes to the horizon. Students then began drawing their buildings. Everything was outlined in black and then colored with crayons. Then the Giant's legs were drawn and colored on a separate piece of paper. Finally, the legs were cut out, and glued to their drawing.

Overall, I like the results of this project. However, many students struggled with understanding the perspective concepts. If I do this project next year, I may wait until the end of the year. I think the second graders would be able to understand this concept better later in the year.

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  1. Cute idea! I think you are right about waiting till later in the year (or else doing the lesson w/3rd graders.)