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Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Artwork

Being an art teacher and an artist can be tough sometimes because I spend most of my time creating art lessons for children. It's sometimes hard to squeeze in time for my own artwork. However, this summer I found a little time to paint. My artwork almost always has bright vibrant colors and big brush strokes. This painting is for my father, who loves ocean scenes. It's always hard to let my paintings go, even to a family member. It feels kind of like giving away a child.


  1. Beautiful! Love the color palette and expressive brush strokes!

  2. I agree. I think that is why I became a teacher, so I would not have so much selling pain.

  3. Nice! I'm also a fan of bright rich color. I bet Dad will love it!

  4. Very nice! I know what you mean about letting them go-it's hard for me too. Love all the colors and brush work.