Welcome to Lines, Dots, and Doodles. This is the place for students, parents, and teachers to find out what has been going on in my art class. I have included pictures of my student's artwork and basic explanations of the projects. I hope when you leave this blog, you feel inspired to create. Feel free to browse this blog and borrow any of my art lessons.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Food Chain Fish, 1st Grade

I guess I have had fish on my mind recently, since I have had several grades create them lately. This got me thinking about a fish project I did last year. This one was really about Food Chains though. I taught students how to draw fish by drawing a circle and putting a triangle in for a mouth. They were suppose to draw three fish in a row looking as if they were going to eat each other. The first fish was big, the second medium size, and the third small. Sea weed, bubbles, and other ocean animals were drawn. A boarder was drawn around the entire thing and students drew patterns in the boarder. Everything was colored with oil pastels and a light watercolor wash was used for the water.


  1. Awesome site Holly! Love the projects...hope you don't mind but I'll be putting you on my blog roll.

  2. Awesome!! I do not mind. Thanks