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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Clay Tile Mural, Part 2

 A few weeks ago, I posted on the Clay tile mural that I am doing with my fifth graders.  This mural is in the style of Keith Haring.  It has taken a lot longer than expected to get all of these tiles fired and out of the kiln. (Between teaching at three schools and taking a graduate course, I have been extremely busy).  Today I finally got the last of  the tiles finished.  This mural will have 130 tiles, and it looks like it will be about 8 feet tall. 
 Now that the tiles are finished, all I need to do is attach them to the wall. The plan is to get it up before the school year ends. I will post the final results when it is finished. 


  1. Wow. A great collaborative artwork!

  2. It's so great to see a real, finished mural! I know many, many people have wanted to try a ceramic mural, but you actually did it! congrats! That's a lot of tiles to fire. It looks wonderful and the kids will be SO proud.