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Monday, May 7, 2012

Art on a Cart

This is a picture of my new art cart.  Until recently, I had to work off of a small media cart.  I received a grant this year, and with the money, I purchased this cart and the drying rack on top.  I love the cart, but more than that, I LOVE the drying rack.  I no longer have to spread artwork along the walls and counters of the classrooms.  While the classroom teachers were always very understanding about this, I think they enjoy the fact that our paintings are now consolidated to this drying rack.  My only complaint about this cart is that it is heavy and somewhat hard to push, but even with this small issue, this cart is far superior to my old one.


  1. Your cart is lovely...but WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET A ROOM OF YOUR OWN?!?!?!?!

    1. To be fair, I have three schools, and I do have a room in one of those schools. I am just on a cart in two. This school is overcrowded, and there really isn't enough space for me to have a room.

  2. This too, shall pass. I was on a cart for 10 years AND in portable classrooms without water or sinks! I didn't let it stop me. We painted, used clay, paper mache', you name it. Where there's a will, there's a way. That is a very good looking cart! Enjoy the drying rack too!

  3. Ditto what Pat said! I have been on and off a cart during my 24 years! I most recently got my room back at one of my schools where i had been on a cart for two years. I had 3 carts! One for 5th grade(upstairs) and one large AV cart for 3d and 4th grade. I also had a large short cart that was perfect for all our painting needs! On top I had two drying racks like yours and the bottom held everything else. Enjoy your new cart and drying rack! :)

  4. Congrats on the new cart although I wish I was congratulating you on a room! I will send positive thoughts your way that you get your room sooner then later!

  5. I am on a cart for the first time this year and I only had a week's notice! I am still trying to get organized and figure out how to teach the same great projects I've taught for 2 years. I am so grateful for art blogs so I can come up with some ideas and know that I am not alone!

  6. I am an art on the cart newbie. what items would you reccommend that I always keep on my cart.

    I have different supplies bins for each table. (just crayons&markers) keep it simple for the first few classes.

    wipes for clean up.

    an extra supply bin for those students that may need glue sticks, stapler, tape, pencils, erasers, etc. (most of them should have the supplies in their desk already)

    my teacher only supplies: stapler, sharpies, pens, pencils, scissors, blah blah

    journaling paper for when they are finished up early.

    What should I add to my cart???