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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snowmen, Pre-K

I have done this lesson many times before. However, this is my first time doing it with the little Pre-K kids. Usually, I do this lesson with my kindergartners, but I was curious whether it would work for the littler ones. Honestly, the results are wonderful, and I am not sure what I was so worried about. It is a very simple lesson. Below are step by step instructions. Step 1: Cut out a stencil. Just fold a piece of paper in half and draw half of the snowman along the fold. Then cut it out. With Kindergarten, I have them draw the snowman themselves. But with Pre-K, I had it photocopied for them. If your Pre-K kids have a lot of trouble cutting, you may have to help them out. Step 2: Open stencil up, and put it on construction paper
Step 3: Sponge paint inside of the snowman. Have them dab with the sponge (Do not smear paint all around). Then remove stencil, and paint a little snow under the snowman.

Step 4: Use a Q-tip to paint details. I usually tell them to paint the eyes, nose, and mouth first. Then they can paint other things. These turned out awesome! I am so impressed with my Pre-K students.


  1. STEAL!!! BWAHAHA I love this and what perfect timing. I was just pondering what to do with kindergarten tomorrow!

  2. Just love that snowman with the buttons that go way down. I know what I'll be doing with K this week, too.

  3. Absolutely adorable! I am just thinking of all the ways to adapt that simple concept of the stencil (like doing a Christmas Tree).

  4. Laura: Yeah, the stencil could be any topic. A Christmas tree would be awesome too!