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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Trees, Pre-K

The little Pre-K kids are adorable, but I sometimes struggle to come up with good developmentally appropriate lessons for these little ones. I am always praying that my lesson won't end up being a disaster. However, I think this one was perfect for them. I began by giving each child a pre-cut tree trunk. They then used a glue stick to glue it to the middle of their paper. After this, I gave each child a small green piece of paper with short lines drawn on it. I then had the students use scissors to cut the lines for grass. (Make it clear that they are not to cut the entire strip off. It is suppose to have a frayed look.) Many of my little ones have a hard time with scissors, but this was great practice for them. Since they were only cutting straight lines, most did a great job. After this, they glue the grass to their picture. Lastly, students make leaves using their finger prints. I handed out sponges with red and yellow paint on top. This was kind of like a hand made stamp pad. It kept the kids from having too much paint on their fingers.
I think these turned out great. I know that they absolutely loved putting their fingers in the paint! Days after, they were still talking about it.

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  1. Very cute! I too struggle with the PreK folks, they are so small! I like how you broke it down and think I will try it next year (our leaf season is just about over.) Thanks for sharing