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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Silhouettes, 3rd and 4th Grade

I did these last year. A few of my students have told me that this was their favorite project from last year. Fourth graders did a theme of the American Civil War. To create these, students used old photos of people and traced them onto black paper to make a Silhouette. It is extremely important that students cut neatly (some students will find this hard)

Third graders did the same project, but with a Fairy Tale theme. This project was on the verge of being to0 hard for third grade. They turned out cool, but many of them struggle with the cutting. This project definitely works better with older kids.

I love these. They turned out awesome. They would also make wonderful stories if you wanted to tie it into language arts.

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  1. You can also tie in the artist Kara Walker