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Friday, May 23, 2014

Falling Through Space, 5th Grade

I have done this lesson many times, but this year the results are better than ever before.  This year, we had more time to do this project, and therefore their drawings had more detail.  This lesson focuses on the concept of foreshortening.  This is a hard concept for even experienced artists, so to make it simpler, we traced our hands and feet.  The other details were drawn in after.

 I found the idea for this lesson years ago on the blog Oodles of Art.  Over the years, I have adapted this lesson, and this year the results are amazing.
 I just LOVE these!


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  2. Very nice result! I love what your students did with this assignment!

  3. I love this project. Going to try it with my 6th graders. I really like your results, what medium did use? It looks like chalk pastel for the background, but I can't tell what was used for the foreshortened bodies.

  4. We used oil pastels for most of this. However the skin colors were colored with multicultural crayons.