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Friday, April 1, 2011

Pigs, Pre-K

These really cute pig paintings were painted by my little Pre-K students. I found this really cute lesson on Deep Space Sparkle. There are so many wonderful lessons on her blog, and I am constantly searching her site for great ideas. This one was perfect for my little Pre-K students, especially since they have recently been learning about farms.
For this lesson, I taught my students how to draw a pig. With Pre-K I usually have them draw with crayon rather than pencil because they will draw bigger. Plus, most of these little ones don't need or want to erase things anyway. After drawing, I gave my students liquid watercolors to paint with. I gave them only one color at a time. We began with pink for the pig. When they were done with the pink paint, I took it away and gave them green for the grass. After this, I took the green paint away and gave them purple for the sky. This just helps keep the students from getting too excited about all the color choices, and also keeps them from mixing all the colors together.
I just love the simple inhibited way Pre-K kids draw.