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Friday, April 15, 2011

Flowers, Kindergarten

My Kindergartners have recently been learning about symmetry in their math class, so I thought this was a perfect time for a symmetrical vase art lesson. To begin this lesson, I give each child a piece of construction paper folded in half. I then walked my students through drawing the vase. The trickiest part is getting the students to draw along the fold. Inevitably, there are always a couple students who will need help. After drawing the vase, my students cut the vase out. I always emphasize the importance of keeping the paper folded, and cutting through both sides of the paper.
After the vase is finished, I have my students start on the flowers. For the middle of the flower, I have my students use a Q-tip to paint a circle. Then, I hand out flower stamps. (I made my own stamps out of craft foam). Instead of a stamp pad, I give my students a sponge covered in paint. I then demonstrate how to stamp the pedals. I always tell them to put the stamp on the paper, and then lift it straight up. I emphasize the importance of not smearing the stamp around.
I really think these turned out well. It is always fun watching the kindergartners grow throughout the year. These students did such a wonderful job, I can tell they are almost ready for first grade.


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  5. I did something similar to this and for the vase I outlined the students side view of their face to crat a "Face Vase". It was very cool. On the bulletin board display, I asked the question ("Can you guess how we made the vase?")