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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Skeletons, 2nd Grade

Last week I did this project with my second graders. Since the second graders have recently studied the skeletal system in health, this was the perfect time to paint skeletons. This lesson could also be tied into Halloween or the Day of the Dead, which are both coming up soon. I can not take credit for this lesson because I stole it off of Deep Space Sparkle, which is a wonderful site by the way.
I had my students first draw the skeleton with a white crayon. After this, I gave them white paint and they painted their skeleton. After the skeleton was painted white, they decorated their skeleton. They could paint flowers, jewelry, clothes, hair, etc.

This was a very simple project and the kids loved it. Some of the other grades have asked if they could do this project too.


  1. Oh! I did this with my sixth graders last year. The kids loved it and the paintings got many complements from passers by, but your second graders nailed it.