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Friday, August 20, 2010

I have an art room!!!

(These paper mache mushrooms really have little to do with this post, but I hate posting something without pictures. Plus, they are just fun!)

I have an Art Room!!! Teachers went back to school this week, and I had a surprise. I now have an actual room in one of my three schools. For the past couple years, I have been traveling between three schools, and have been Art on a Cart. Finally, one of my schools gave me a room.

Since I began teaching, I have always been jealous of all those teachers out there who had the luxury of having shelves, tables, cabinets, and bulletin boards. In my imagination when I pictured my art room, I have always pictured a magical land of large paper mache mushrooms, a life size suit of armor, maybe even a castle. Unfortunately these grand ideas won't work, because I have to share the room with the PE teacher. All of my decorations need to stay on the walls, I can't have little kids breaking my paper mache mushrooms during PE class. However, I am incredibly excited about having a room.

I have been working hard this week trying to decorate and arrange the room the way I want it. I have it mostly decorated, but there is still one large blank wall in the back that currently has nothing on it. I need ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions for good art bulletin boards or decorations? I don't want to just randomly put up artwork, I want it to have a point.

When I get a chance to take photos of the room, I will post them.


  1. Congrats on your room! I remember not having a room. When I finally got one, I had to share it with music. I laugh remembering - the kids always seemed to have dripping papier-mache raining down on them from the art clothesline when they were singing in music class! And I used the piano bench to distribute materials!

    Anyhow - as for bulletin boards - here's one idea that I like to use: I have an "Artist of the Month" bulletin board where I showcase the work of a famous artist, and when possible, use the artist as focus of lessons that month. Or it can be used to focus on a STUDENT artist instead.

    By the way - love the mushrooms!

  2. Yay! This was me a few years ago too, graduating from a cart that was actually in another building too! I have to share with Latin, but since I have real cupboards and bulletin boards, who cares?? I'd save that bulletin board space for student art. Get it up as soon as you can! :)

  3. Yay! Don't know how you did it with a cart!

  4. So awesome! My principal came to me at the end of the year and informed me that if are numbers were high then I may loose my room. I had the fear in the back of my mind all summer. But everything turned out fine. Congrats on your room!!

  5. I am glad that you did post your photos of the mushrooms. They are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you.

  6. Super!! What a great feeling. I have done both. But love my room. :)

  7. Congrats on the room!!
    Here are a few places to get some ideas...
    I just posted my room:

    Mr E has some great boards:

    I also got some inspiration from Mrs. Jahnig's Blog