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Friday, July 30, 2010

Lighthouse Painting, Summer Art

I found this awesome lesson on Deep Space Sparkle and thought it would be perfect for my summer art students. This lesson was inspired by the art of Maude Lewis, an artist who painted scenes of Nova Scotia. My summer art class has a huge age gap. The youngest is five and the oldest a seventh grader. I did end up having to help the five year old quite a bit, since this lesson was more on the complicated side
We began this lesson by drawing in the horizon and the island. Students painted the sky with light blue tempera paint. The water was painted with a darker blue and the grass was painted green. While this was drying, I had students use construction paper to cut out houses, lighthouses, boats, whales, etc. When the painting was dry, we glued these things to our artwork. Lastly, we used white paint to add waves into the ocean.
These turned out wonderful.