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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dream Home Paintings, 5th Grade

This was a fun lesson that had wonderful results. Students drew their dream home for this lesson.  To begin, I gave my students pictures of a variety of houses to use as references.  I then showed students how houses can be drawn using simple lines and shapes.  Students drew their houses with black sharpie markers, and painted with liquid watercolors.  
I think these turned out wonderful!  and I love how each one is unique.  


  1. I ran across a picture of your art on a cart on pinterest and am interested in that drying rack set-up that you've got. I found the cart on Sax - where did you get the drying rack and how have you attached it to the cart? It looks perfect for what I need.

    my email is carol.el.tanner@gmail.com

    1. Hello, It's been a while since I was on a cart. However, all I did was buy a small drying rack and put in on top of the cart. I did not actually attach the drying rack to the cart. It was sturdy enough without having to attach it. Here is a link for the drying rack. https://store.schoolspecialty.com/OA_HTML/ibeCCtpItmDspRte.jsp?minisite=10206&item=476993