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Friday, November 18, 2011

Hamburgers, Pre-K

I have done this lesson several times before, but never with my little Pre-K children. One day last week my art schedule was suddenly changed, and I found myself having to come up with a last minute lesson for my Pre-K children. Usually I spend a lot of time preparing lessons, especially for Pre-K, since they often need things cut ahead of time. When I began thinking about the things I had in my classroom, I remembered I had a lot of leftover cardboard, felt, and string, from last year's Hamburger lesson with my first graders. This was perfect because most of the materials were already cut to the right size. That is how this fun Pre-K project came to be; all I had to do was simplify my first grade lesson. In the quick 30 minutes before school started, I had created a last minute lesson that turned out really well.
Every few months, the Pre-K children focus on a specific theme. This month's is; My Five Senses. I think this lesson fit very well into that theme.

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  1. interesting, looks fun and creative. and an intelligent use of time- thanks for posting this one.