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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cities at Night, Pre-K

This is a fun crafty project to do with the little ones. The little Pre-K students have been learning a lot about cities. This was a great project to use up my scrap construction paper. When I use the paper cutter, there are always little scraps left over. I saved them to use for this project. First, I have students use oil pastels to draw a moon and stars on their black paper. Then, I put a pile of rectangles on each table and had student choose four of them. (There are always a few who take more than four because either they don't listen, or they can't count. Just check to make sure they have four.) Students then glue their cities to the bottom of their paper. Finally, I give the students tiny squares to glue down for windows. Colors and placement of the squares are totally up to them. I think these turned out cute!


  1. Cute! Thanks for sharing - I always have all those scraps just laying around!

  2. Very nice...I will use that idea soon. Thanks

  3. Those are really cute and you can tell they did them, not their teachers. I need to pass this along to teachers of the older students in preK.

  4. We did it on Monday and I posted it on my blog, linking it to yours. Thank you again, so much, for the great idea!