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Monday, December 7, 2009

Number Paintings, Kindergarten

This is a great project for the little Kindergartners. They have recently been learning their numbers, so this project was perfect for them. A few years ago, I saw this project in the magazine, "School Arts," which is a wonderful resource by the way. Basically, you have students use oil pastels to write numbers all over their page. Some numbers can be big, some small. Also, numbers should not be written in a row, but all over their paper.

I actually have them draw one number one, two number two's, three number three's, etc. They do this until they get to the number ten. This is so they fill up their entire page with lots of numbers. Otherwise, they may only write a few numbers and say they are done. After the numbers are written, they use watercolors for the background. This is such a simple project, but I love the results.

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  1. Loved coming across your post this morning! Thanks for writing about this lesson and for sharing your pictures.

    All the best,
    Holly Hanson Pearlstein
    Web Coordinator
    SchoolArts Magazine