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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wall Mosaics?

As an art teacher, people constantly come to me for help with their artistic ventures. There is a teacher at one of my schools who really thinks we should create a mosaic wall on the outside of the school. Yes, this sounds awesome, but I know all of the work will fall on me. I have never made a large mosaic before and really don't know where to start. I know I would have to apply for a grant to even begin this project. Before applying for a grant though, I want to make sure this is actually a feisable venture.

If I did a mosaic wall, I would want it to be a collaborative school project. Perhaps have the children make their own ceramic tiles which we would glaze and fire. However, this is where I get stuck. I know how to make the tiles, but am unsure how to put the mosaic together. Is it best to put cement directly to the wall, or is it best to make the mosaic on a piece of wood and then hang it up? Also, I would like the children to actually help to put the mosaic together. How would I go about this? I would love any suggestions. Has anyone out there ever created anything like this?


  1. Patti over at Deep Space Sparkle does mosaic walls each year that have students each make a tile. I think she has written posts about how she does them. All I know is they get heavy really quickly and you will need a super strong way to affix them to a wall. How about each class doing a mosaic stepping stone in concrete that could be put around the school? Or maybe mosaic around the mirrors in some of the bathrooms, something smaller that would still allow for school beautification but not become a HUGE project for you.

  2. I would start small. Don't you just love how everyone has great ideas that end up leaving you with a whole bunch of work? lol. Maybe pick one class or a group of kids (like Art club or student council). Then get a large sheet of wood from a hardware store (probably look online to see the best type). I would buy premade bisque tiles and have the kids paint them or glaze them. Start easy and simple and if it works, you can expand on the project later. You can adhere the tiles with a tile adhesive (like the kind you would use for tiling your floors. Ask at a hardware store.) You can add a frame on top. We are actually probably going to do something like this at my school this year and I'll post details if we do.

  3. Thanks, I may start small like both of you suggested. I am not sure how the project is going to look yet, but I will have to play around with it. When I do start this project, I will post pictures. Thanks for all the advice.

  4. There's a program called Stream of Dreams (streamofdreams.org) that does plywood fish attached to chainlink fencing that often surrounds school yards. This might be a more feasible project.. if your school mascot is something easily represented, you could try and tie that in. The installation is really effective!