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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Self Portraits, All Grades

The school year is almost over, and I thought it would be nice to do an end of the year self portraits with all of my students. These were done in short forty minute classes using just pencil, crayon, and black markers.
The first two photos posted are kindergarten examples. For the little ones, I gave all my students mirrors, and asked them to look at themselves. We talked about how our faces are in the shape of ovals. I then asked them to look specifically at their eyes, and then draw them. When they were done with this, I had them look at their noses and draw that too. We continued this way until they had eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, neck, and shoulders. The last two pictures I posted are both fourth grade examples. With my older students, I also gave them mirrors, but I gave them more instruction on how to draw the face. I taught them about the proportions of the human face. We talked about how the eyes actually go about half way down on the human face, and figured out where everything else goes from there.
All of the grades began in pencil. Then students colored using crayons. We talked about choosing colors which match their own skin color. For those that had time, they outlined everything with a dark color to help make everything pop.