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Friday, August 13, 2010

Clay Wizards, Summer Art

Last week, I had my students create these clay wizards. I found this really awesome clay project on Deep Space Sparkle. I think this was my student's favorite clay lesson this summer. They were extremely excited and proud of these when they finally came out of the kiln. Basically, these were made with slabs of clay. The body was a long rectangle, which we rolled to look like the robe. For the arms, we used triangles, which were also rolled. The head is just a ball of clay that we poked a big hole through to keep from exploding. The hat is just a rolled up triangle. Lastly, we added a cape to the back, which not only looked nice, but also helped keep the head more stable. There are more detailed instructions on Deep Space Sparkle, so check it out for more details.
These wizards remind me of Harry Potter! I just love them.

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