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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Venetian Paper Masks, 4th and 5th Grade

I did this project last year, but absolutely loved it. It is very similar to the Inuit Mask lesson that I posted about a little while ago. To start this project, I showed the students examples of Venetian Masks worn during Carnival. Our masks are entirely made out of paper. We dug into my scrap paper box for this lesson. No new pieces of paper were to be used to decorate the mask.

I stressed the idea of symmetry. This can easily be done by cutting through two pieces of paper at once.
Also, layering is important. Gluing one piece on top of another really make these masks better.

Most of the hair was done with strips of paper and were either acordian folded or curled around pencils.

It's funny because the process of making these masks were the same as the Inuit Mask lesson, but the results were quite different. These definately do not look as tribal as the other. It just goes to show that the visuals you begin your lesson with does make a difference in the results, and students Do pay attention to the theme of your lesson!

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