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Monday, October 24, 2011

Blue and White Plaster Bowls, 4th Grade

These were made using plaster gauze, and a plastic bowl for a mold. The great thing about plaster is that it dries really quickly. This entire lesson was done in one 75 minute class. To begin, I have the students rub liquid dish soap inside the plastic bowl. This helps keep the plaster from sticking to the bowl. Then, we dipped plaster gauze strips into water, and laid it flat into the bowl. I had my students do 3 layers of plaster gauze inside their bowls. Next, I had my students use blue paint to create a design inside their bowl. Because of time restraints, I had them do this while the plaster was still slightly damp. I let these dry overnight before popping them out of the mold. Lastly, I sprayed them with a clear sealer to keep the paint from chipping. I absolutely love plaster gauze, and will have to come up with other uses for it in the future.


  1. Hi Holly, I have done TONS of things with plaster bandage (though I've never made bowls!). My favorite is finger puppets - grease the index finger w/vaseline, wrap w/plaster bandage, remove when set. Next time we add stuff to them (pipe cleaner arms, styrofoam ball head or eyeballs, cardboard fins or wings, etc), using a hot glue gun and then plaster bandage to wrap and tape. Then we paint and embellish. It takes much longer than your bowls, but they have a lot of personality. The kids have made everything from cheerleaders, to animals, to characters from books or movies, to a rock & roll band. We even held a wedding and MARRIED some finger puppets one year, dressed in full wedding regalia (little lace veil, bow ties, etc). A mom even made some "wedding cake". Too funny.

  2. Phyl, I absolutely LOVE the idea of finger puppets. I just might have to try that.