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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Trucks, Kindergarten

The little Kindergartners have been learning a lot about wheels, so I thought this was the perfect time to draw trucks. I began this lesson by showing students photos of different trucks. I then showed them how these trucks can easily be drawn with simple shapes like squares, rectangles, and circles. Everything was first drawn in pencil and then colored in oil pastels.


  1. My kindergarten son is getting better at coloring and staying in the lines so that the pictures look like something when they are colored, but he doesn't like to or even really want to color his own drawings. He rarely even uses more than one color when he draws. Is there a way to encourage him to color his own stuff? or is it better in your opinion to let him be? Marlene

  2. Marlene, I wouldn't push too hard. Every child develops at a different rate. I had a few scriblers for this project, but I just chose not to put those examples on the blog.
    There is nothing wrong with gently reminding him that he could use more than one color, but don't get upset if he ignores this.

    Sometimes kindergartners have trouble coloring in the lines, especially if they had drawn with something thin like a pencil. If you have him draw everything in black marker or crayon, this makes the lines wider and easier to color inside of. Also, I talk to my students about choosing more than one color. I usually draw and example on the board and show them how to color.

  3. Thanks for the answer, Holly! :)